About Us

Wahyu Abadi is a Business Process Outsourcing company, specializing in communications and information technology. Since our company’s inception in 1972, we remain committed to be a reliable extension to your business.

At Wahyu Abadi, we strive to be a reliable partner throughout all your business process value chain.

We combine cutting-edge technology with time-tested methods to provide our customers with the best solutions for their business process needs. All our solutions are designed to ensure a transparent and cost-efficient experience from beginning to end.

Company Overlook

Wahyu Abadi has evolved into a Business Process Outsourcing company, offering various communications, information technology, and supply chain solutions to our clients. Our company evolves alongside our clients as we continually seek to be a strategic partner throughout the value chain of their business process.

Company Direction

Looking over the horizon is one of our key strategies to ensure that our services continue to grow as the landscape of the industry renews itself. We works together with many of our strategic partners and clients to create innovations to allow businesses to focus on their core business.

At Wahyu Abadi, we believe that technology and innovation make the world a better place. Our company was founded in 1972 with an ambitious goal: to become Indonesia’s most forward thinking Business Process Outsourcing company.

Since our inception, Wahyu Abadi has devoted substantial resources to raise the standards of the communications industry here in Indonesia. Our company has invested in digital infrastructure and information technology to continually provide innovative solutions for our client’s business process needs.

Our integrated supply chain division analyzes the critical points within our client’s supply chain and provides tailored solutions to optimize efficiency.

I believe that companies should focus their energies on what they do best. For many of our clients this is producing market-proven consumer products. For us, it’s being a strategic partner to our clients various business process needs.

As I sit down to write this letter, Wahyu Abadi has just completed the construction of our third fulfillment facility in Indonesia. 2016 promises to be an exiting year for our company. We are expanding our operations and products to meet growing demand, while we continue to offer our clients the same level of quality and professional service that has become synonymous with the name Wahyu Abadi. We appreciate your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the coming year.

Hendra Hartanto


PT. Wahyu Abadi


Our vision is to be a strategic partner to our clients by pushing the boundaries of innovation in communications and information technology

Results Driven

Our business has grown through recommendations and an increasingly well-known reputation for excellence. We achieve this by continually focusing on delivering exceptional results.

Absolute Integrity

We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our clients, where openness and shared goals drive long term profitability for all concerned.

We Are One

We bring our breadth and depth of resources to focus on solving our clients’ challenges to provide a team that works together.

Proactive Partnerships

Outsourcing only works well when a close partnership is formed. Wahyu Abadi’s people technology and process become a part of our clients’ business, creating a platform to share insights and innovation.

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